Let’s Start! Mastering Sourdough Starters. Go from beginner to expert in 3.5 hours or your money back

Starter being poured into a bowl

Few home bakers master sourdough starters.  It’s a science.

In my sourdough journey, I thought it would be easy to create a sourdough starter.   How could I have been so wrong?

Every day I followed recipes on You Tube, Google and in books.  I discovered there was so much conflicting noise.   Which chef?  Which recipe? Which website?

A sourdough starter is made from just flour and water.  When successfully created, it’s a natural raising agent to raise dough.  A sourdough starter is more powerful than dried yeast.

My sourdough starters were a disaster!   They looked like sludge and smelled of acetone.   Because of this, my sourdough breads were like frisbees (a technical term).   You see, you need a powerful, high-performance sourdough starter to make authentic and delicious sourdough bread.

I had started on my sourdough journey and unintentionally opened a can of worms.

I was not alone.   I was like the thousands of other home cooks, sourdough enthusiasts and bakers looking for satisfactory, science-based answers.  Such as:-

  • Why won’t my sourdough starter raise dough?
  • How and why is a sourdough starter different from dried yeast?
  • Is my starter dead?

You see, sourdough is shrouded in myth and mystery.    I could find no science-based answers in books or on the web.

One day I started researching scientific papers.  This research went on for 2 years!!

My learning curve was a steep one.

I had many “Aha!” moments.  Some revelations were obvious.  Many were not.

I discovered that each step of the sourdough making process, is a stepping stone for the success of the next.  If one step fails, the whole process collapses like a line of dominoes.

The first step to making successful sourdough bread starts with creating a powerful, high performance sourdough starter.

Each painstaking adjustment that I made, resulted in a significant result.  Until finally, I was able to put the whole process together.   Every single time.

Because of that, I started making wonderful sourdough bread.   I had also created several high-performance sourdough starters.   You need one of these to make a successful loaf of sourdough.

Finally, I mastered how to maintain, store and successfully troubleshoot a sourdough starter.    This took me 2 years!

At last, I understood sourdough.  I had so much powerful information.  I wanted to share it and my expertise with home bakers and professional bakers.

I talk to many sourdough enthusiasts just like you.   I’ve discovered  that 99.9% of enthusiasts never master a sourdough starter.  Ultimately, this means their sourdough breads are  unsatisfactory.

You don’t have to go through the same exacting journey as I did.    I’ve packed my research into an all-powerful, person-to-person workshop, where you will go from beginner to expert in just 3.5 hours.

‘Let’s Start! Mastering Sourdough Starters’ is a workshop created for people just like you.   I designed it so you’ll succeed.  You will go from beginner to expert in 3.5 hours, or your money back.  No quibbles.  No questions.  No catches.

This compelling workshop is in plain English.  I explain step-by-step the entire process of how to create a powerful, high performance starter from start to infinity.

You’ll create a sourdough starter during the workshop and discover the science in plain English.    All previous hitches and frustrations you may have encountered, will be resolved.

Everything you learn is based on science, in plain English and you’ll find it all in 1 place during this event.

This event is for small groups of people only.

There is nothing else like this incredible, intimate event.  It’s packed with everything you’ll ever need to know about sourdough starters.   I, personally, guarantee you will go from beginner to expert in 3.5 hours, or your money back.

Now, I run workshops that are highly acclaimed and teach people just like you how to make powerful, high performance starters, just like this …

You will master…

  • How to create a powerful, high performance starter from scratch, step by step, using proven scientific methods so that you succeed first time.  You create a starter only once.  A starter is essential to make authentic sourdough bread
  • How to troubleshoot a new or established starter confidently so that you don’t bin it unnecessarily
  • How to maintain a starter to pass on to the next generation (some starters are over 100 years old!) so that your children and grandchildren continue to bake sourdough bread, that’s delicious and nutritious
  • How to store a high-performance starter (you’ll learn all the techniques) so that the starter fits in with your life and not the other way round

And become skilled at… 

  • How to spot dubious sourdough recipes so that you don’t waste your time
  • How to create your own fabulous sourdough recipes with ease, so that you can bake to suit your taste and your family’s
  • How to maintain and store small quantities of high-performance starter so your fridge isn’t overrun

And get clued up about…

  • How much starter to use in your sourdough loaf and why, so that you don’t end up with a claggy frisbee
  • How to successfully refresh a neglected starter even if its been in your fridge, untouched for 1 year, so that you know you’ve mastered sourdough starters
  • How to avoid 5 common mistakes when refreshing a starter so that it is powerful and will raise dough, every single time




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Let's Start! Mastering Sourdough Starters. Go from beginner to expert in 3.5 hours or your money back

Date(s) - 07/09/2019 | 10:00 am - 1:30 pm

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