LIVE ZOOM WEBINAR 1: ‘Unlocking the Secrets of Sourdough & Gut Health’ FREE with ‘Let’s Start! Mastering Sourdough Starters’

This is a COVID-19 special event, hosted live on Zoom webinar by me, Sharon Roberts, founder of Learn Sourdough.

This is a FREE event when you book, ‘Let’s Start! Mastering Sourdough Starters.   Go from absolute beginner without any experience to expert in 3.5 hours or your money back’.  Click this link to read more LIVE ZOOM WEBINAR 2: Let’s Start! Mastering Sourdough Starters (with COVID 19 Discount)

These 2 webinars are hosted from my home to yours.   There are lots of dates to choose from.  

Why am I hosting a FREE event with ‘Let’s Start! Mastering Sourdough Starters?’  With Learn Sourdough venue courses postponed, I’m helping people who want to be part of a community, to come together.    I will also share valuable knowledge about sourdough, gut health and how we can boost our immune system – immediately.    There has never been a more important time to learn how.

I would love to be able to offer all my courses free during the pandemic, but like all independent businesses I need to support myself.  I do not have the support of the government.


Is it possible to catch wild yeasts from the air?   Sharon dispels the myths and mystery of sourdough

‘Unlocking the Secrets of Sourdough & Gut Health’  I’ve presented this provocative and powerful talk at food festivals along the south coast for the past 2 years.  I will shock you with the truth about supermarket sourdough and supermarket bread and inspire you to think differently about the ‘staff of life’.

In this jam packed event, I will dispel the myths and mystery of sourdough.   I’ll be answering questions such as, ‘Is is really possible to catch wild yeasts from the air?  And if so, how?’

I’ll guide you through the historical and fascinating time line of leavened bread.  Where and how naturally leavened bread started, the scientists whose work is today still unknown to the home baker,  through to the travesty that is supermarket ‘sourfaux’.

You’ll discover the fabulous world of fermented foods and what they all have in common.  After all, sourdough is fermented bread.

You’ll be introduced to the fascinating world of your gut microbiome and its relevance to the most basic of foods.  Bread!

I’ll divulge the names of the highly esteemed Professors in the UK and US whose research should be your starting point for all things gut microbiome.      I’ll share with you some of their research  and will direct you to their fascinating  talks on You Tube.

There has never been a better time to understand the effect your gut microbiome has on your mental and physical health.

You will also discover what real sourdough bread is and where to buy it.  How supermarkets are getting away with charging a premium for questionable sourdough and why making your own bread is an easy, healthy and delicious option

Join me & book a front row seat on Zoom.

HOW TO BOOK ‘Unlocking the Secrets of Sourdough & Gut Health’

OPTION 1:   This event is FREE with ‘Let’s Start! Mastering Sourdough Starters’.  Click the blue link, scroll down to ‘Bookings’ and reserve your seat.   LIVE ZOOM WEBINAR 2: Let’s Start! Mastering Sourdough Starters (with COVID 19 Discount)

OPTION 2:  You can buy this event for £25 without booking, ‘Let’s Start! Mastering Sourdough Starters’.  How?  Scroll down this page to ‘Bookings’


Don’t worry!  I’m hosting a ‘5 minutes practice on Zoom’ on a wide choice of dates.

Here’s how the 5 minutes practice works:-

  1. Once you’ve booked this event, you’ll receive a confirmation email from me with a choice of dates and times
  2. You select a date and time
  3. I’ll email you a Zoom link on your chosen date and time
  4. You  click the link
  5. We meet on line
Have questions?  Not sure?

Email or phone me on 07942 686782

When you book, you’ll immediately receive an automated email confirming payment and your booking.   Shortly after, you’ll receive a personal confirmation email from me.

Join me!

I look forward to getting you started on your sourdough journey.

My very best wishes





Bookings are closed for this event.

LIVE ZOOM WEBINAR 1:  'Unlocking the Secrets of Sourdough & Gut Health' FREE with 'Let's Start! Mastering Sourdough Starters'

Date(s) - 18/04/2020 | 10:00 am - 1:30 pm

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