Quick Start! Sourdough Starters. A short version of ‘Let’s Start’ 23-11-19

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Starter being poured into a bowl


Start your sourdough journey with this superb sourdough event.

You can’t make sourdough bread unless you have a high performance sourdough starter.

During this popular event, you will create a high performance starter.  You’ll also learn the science behind a powerful starter.  This event is designed for you to succeed.

This special event is a short version of ‘Let’s Start’.  It has been distilled down to 1.5 hours from 3.5 hours!  

Sharon has designed this course to cut through the noise and dubious opinions on the web.   It’s been created to get you started immediately.

Buy with Confidence.  You’re covered on all events with, the ‘Learn Sourdough No Quibble Money Back Guarantee’ https://www.learnsourdough.co.uk/money-back-guarantee/

You will learn:-

  • How to propagate and cultivate a new starter; step by step
  • How to confidently troubleshoot a new and established starter
  • How to maintain a starter to pass on to the next generation (some sourdough starters are over 100 years old!)
  • How to store a starter (there are several ways and you’ll learn all of them)
  • How to have a starter that fits in with your life (and not the other way round).   You won’t  ever need to leave your starter with your mum or neighbour to look after, when you go on holiday!  Find out why.

You’ll take home with you:-

  • Amazing knowledge based on scientific fact
  • Extensive course notes in a bound folder
  • A very special ‘Course Participation Certificate’


  • Some of Sharon’s amazing high performance starter (established in 2016)

And there’s more!!!  You’ll receive Gift Vouchers to spend in Sharon’s favourite shops in Wimborne :-

This event is suitable for all abilities.

You’ll be fired up and confident to continue your sourdough journey.

Buy with Confidence.  You’re covered on all events with, the ‘Learn Sourdough No Quibble Money Back Guarantee’ 

Click here for a quick and easy read:-  https://www.learnsourdough.co.uk/money-back-guarantee/

About the venue:-

  • Parking is free and outside The Skittle Alley
  • The Skittle Alley is a Grade II listed building
  • Refreshments are included and are available throughout the event

When you make your booking, you’ll receive a personal confirmation email from Sharon.



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Quick Start! Sourdough Starters
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Quick Start! Sourdough Starters.   A short version of 'Let's Start' 23-11-19

Date(s) - 23/11/2019 | 10:00 am - 11:30 am

Skittle Alley at The Coach & Horses
73 Poole Road
BH21 1QB

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Skittle Alley at The Coach & Horses

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