The Gut Health & Sourdough Experience, Dorset, 8-8-20

Sharon Roberts - Sourdough Expert

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Sharon Roberts, sourdough and fermentation expert, author and chef with Carmen Lyndley, Health and Lifestyle Consultant founder of The Health Habit are co-hosting this extraordinary event, comprising 3 outstanding back-to-back events in 1 day.  There are 4 dates to choose from. Dates are all Saturdays.  Choose from 25 April, 27 June, 8 August, 10 October.

‘Unlocking the Secrets of Sourdough’ The first event is an exciting and revealing talk packed with astonishing information.  It also includes tastings.   Sharon will dispel sourdough myths and unlock the science in sourdough.   You’ll discover why the newest, hippest way to make your own sourdough at home, turns out to be the oldest one known to man.  She’ll reveal what makes authentic sourdough bread unique and show you how to identify an authentic loaf of sourdough bread.  You’ll learn how bread has been raised since Egyptian times and the myths and magic surrounding it.

Picture of Carmen Lyndley

‘Understanding Your Gut Health’ Carmen will give you an insight into the secret workings of your gut, now described as our second brain. You’ll discover its power over your weight, immune system and cognitive health and learn how sourdough and other fermented foods contribute to optimum health and well being.

‘Discover Real Sourdough & Compare it with ‘Sourfaux’  You will also taste Sharon’s stunning, homemade sourdough bread and compare it with supermarket ‘sourfaux’.  You’ll discover what real sourdough bread is and how supermarkets are getting away with charging a premium for bread that contains spurious and undisclosed ingredients and labelled ‘sourdough’.   Sharon will also reveal lesser known facts about supermarket sourdough, such as why supermarkets use flour that is sprayed with glyphosate (weed killer).  This revelation and more, will astonish you!     You’ll also discover why making your own sourdough bread connects you to real food and is a delicious and healthy option.   There is a Q&A at the end of this session.

There’s a short break for refreshments which include a taste of Sharon’s delicious, homemade sourdough bread accompanied by her homemade probiotic spread and other outstanding, gut friendly tasters.

And you’ll stay for the 2nd event.

‘Sourdough Pizza & Gut Health Extravaganza’  This 2nd event includes a fascinating sourdough pizza demonstration by Sharon. If you fancy, you’re welcome to join in with some mindful kneading.  Sharon will make sensational, authentic sourdough pizzas, step by step using one of her powerful, high performance starters.   Pizzas are made with fabulous Italian flour used by pizza maestros.

‘Mindful Kneading’   Sharon’s outstanding sourdough pizza is based on the recipe by Roman pizza maestro, Gabrielle Bonci.    American Vogue describe him as, ‘The Michaelangelo of Pizza’.    As far as Sharon knows, she is the only person in the UK demonstrating his sensational pizza.

This is extraordinary pizza dough to knead!  It’s a high hydration dough and you’ll learn how to handle and knead it.    You’ll  discover what makes this Italian flour unique.  There is only 1 UK importer for this very special flour and you’ll discover who it is.    You can give Sharon a hand preparing and creating the gut friendly pizza toppings and putting it all together.  It’s fun, incredibly informative and you’ll be able to re-create this outstanding pizza at home.

You have the option to participate, or simply sit, watch and relax.  You can decide on the day.

‘Discover More about Your Gut Health’ The 2nd event also includes a very special pre-lunch presentation from Carmen, ‘How you eat is every bit as important as what you eat’.    You’ll discover why chewing your food thoroughly and eating your meals more slowly can help promote full digestion and absorption of nutrients.  You’ll also discover how this can help you reduce digestive discomfort and maintain a healthy gut.

Whilst the pizzas are baking in Sharon’s amazing portable oven, Carmen will introduce you to mindful, (seated) eating exercises.  These exercises are powerful and will help to optimise your gut health.

Lunch will be Sharon’s superb, authentic sourdough pizza.  The pizza is topped with a selection of gut friendly, and delicious toppings.   Toppings are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

This will be a sensational and relaxed lunch!

Fabulous Ferments & Gut Health The 3rd event is after lunch.  Discover the fabulous world of fermented vegetables. An old fashioned way of pickling, but much easier and far more delicious.   You’ll discover what it is, why we should eat more fermented foods beyond sourdough bread (which is, afterall fermented dough) and what foods can be successfully fermented.

Sharon will demonstrate just how easy it is to ferment your favourite veg into something exceptional.

Whilst Carmen reveals why fermented foods are so beneficial for our gut health.

If you fancy giving Sharon a hand and joining in with preparing the fabulous ferments, you can do so at any time.  Or, just sit, watch and listen.

You’ll also taste one of Sharon’s extraordinary veggie ferments.

Sharon and Carmen’s expertise is available throughout this exceptional day.

**Gifts & an Exclusive Bonus**   As a special thank you from Sharon and Carmen for booking this event you get:-

7 Fabulous Gifts from Learn Sourdough

  1. A very smart dough scraper
  2. Fresh, raw pizza dough to create an authentic sourdough pizza at home
  3. Sharon’s outstanding sourdough pizza recipe.  Plus a list of extraordinary food suppliers
  4. In store 10% discount voucher to spend in Salamander Cookshop in Wimborne
  5. In store 10% discount voucher to spend in Gullivers Bookshop (Independent Bookshop 2019)
  6. On line discount voucher to spend at Bakery Bits
  7. 10% on line discount code and exciting recipe cards from the winners of BBC Food & Farming Awards

And An Exclusive Bonus from The Health Habit

You get a Voucher for a free one-to-one Discovery Session with Carmen Lyndley, founder of The Health Habit.  The focus during this session, will be on you.   Carmen will consult with you to determine your current health and well-being.   Wherever you are on the health spectrum, physical and/or mental, you have Carmen’s expertise on improving your future health.  Value £60.’

And there 2 are more gifts from ‘Willys’ our favourite fermenter

  1. You’ll receive a fabulous goodie bag, courtesy of ‘Willys’
  2. And a special ‘Willys’ code

What’s the Special ‘Willy’s code?  Carmen and Sharon will give you a unique ‘Willys Subscription Code’ to use for your first months subscription of raw ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) absolutely free!  This very special offer is only available when you book, ‘The Gut Health & Sourdough Experience’

Who is this event suitable for?  You!!   

Especially if you …

  1. Know nothing or not very much about fermented foods, including authentic sourdough bread
  2. Know nothing or not very much about the gut microbiome or how you can improve your mental and physical health with the foods you eat
  3. Are planning to start your sourdough journey
  4. Have started on your sourdough journey and are having problems
  5. Know a little bit about sourdough and want to understand more
  6. Know absolutely nothing about sourdough or fermented foods but love discovering and eating exceptional foods
  7. Are a whizz in the kitchen and want to start gracing your table with something really special
  8. Want to feel more energised, eat more healthily and find out more about your gut microbiome
  9. Want to be inspired
  10. Want to spend a fun, inspiring and delicious day learning about real sourdough and the gut microbiome. Plus eating sensational sourdough bread and sourdough pizza

Pizza toppings:  Suitable for vegans and vegetarians

What to expect:   This impressive event is relaxed, fun, friendly and informative.  Delicious too!  It’s jam packed with really useful and practical information on how to immediately improve your health, lose weight (only if you want to) and keep it off and how to feel better about yourself.   It’s also a superb introduction to the world of fabulous fermented foods.

Sharon and Carmen are also co-hosting ‘The Gut Health & Sourdough Experience’ in Shropshire at the historical Daniels Mill.

This event is valued at £1,959.   You pay £99!

  • Sharon Roberts’ expertise for the day is worth £900
  • Carmen Lyndley’s expertise for the day is worth £900
  • Money back guarantee valued at £99
  • Voucher for a free one-to-one Discovery Session with Carmen Lyndley valued at £60

e-Gift Vouchers are available.  An e-Gift Voucher makes a memorable and precious gift.  There is no expiry date on our vouchers

Email Sharon at or phone her on 07942 686782 and order an e-Gift Voucher today.   This is what you’ll receive by email.


Money Back Guarantee

Buy in confidence with the Learn Sourdough 100% Money Back Guarantee.  No quibbles.  No questions.  No catches.

Click here for a 3 second read about the guarantee

Parking?   Yes.   It’s free and in the ‘Customer Only’ car park.

Refreshments & Lunch?  Yes.   Both are included.   Refreshments and delicious tastings will be available throughout the event.  Sharon’s sensational sourdough pizza is lunch.

What are you waiting for?   Join us!



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