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ZOOM : Hands in Sourdough


‘Hands in Sourdough on Zoom’ in real time    Unearth every step of the sourdough bread making process in this practical, full day of sourdough bread making.   Step by step, you will spend a whole day making and baking real sourdough bread with me, Sharon Roberts, sourdough expert, author and chef.

From the comfort of your own kitchen, you’ll follow and interact with me, in real time.   You will experience every step of the sourdough bread making process with me in real time.    From refreshing your high performance starter to the final stage of taking your first loaf of sourdough bread out of your oven.

Throughout the day, there will be time dedicated  for you to ask me questions and for me to share my knowledge with you.

You’ll also discover why the newest, hippest way to make your own sourdough at home, turns out to be the oldest one known to man.

A Pinch of Science

You’ll discover the science of making authentic sourdough bread and I’ll dispel the myths and mystery along the way.

I’ll share techniques with you and my expertise will be available throughout.

You will spend several pleasurable hours with your hands in flour and dough learning how to make and bake real sourdough bread.

Who is this event suitable for?   Suitable for all abilities.   Absolutely no experience needed.

How to get the most out of this event?  You need a powerful, high performance starter to make authentic sourdough bread.   If you don’t have one (and few home bakers do!) book onto the incredibly popular, ‘Let’s Start!’ Mastering Sourdough Starters on Zoom’ and become a Master of sourdough starters.

SPECIAL OFFER BUNDLE  ‘Let’s Start! Mastering Sourdough Starters on Zoom’ and ‘Hands in Sourdough on Zoom’ are available to buy together as a bundle.   You save £15.   These 2 very special events are hosted on separate dates with a wide choice of days and times throughout 2020

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Please note:  Sourdough Starters are not covered in ‘Hands in Sourdough’

You will receive:  Useful notes from ‘Hands in Sourdough on Zoom’ including timetable and sourdough bread recipes created exclusively by me.

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The total value of this event is £970.   You pay £70 

You get my expertise for 16 hours valued at: £800
Discount vouchers valued at: £100
Money Back Guarantee valued at: £ 70

Buy with confidence.   You’re covered by the Learn Sourdough 100% Money Back Guarantee.  No quibbles.  No questions.  No catches.

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What you need for this event

  • Food probe/ thermometer (essential for sourdough and indispensible in the kitchen)
  • Digital kitchen scales (not  essential but useful)
  • 500g strong white bread flour (organic or non organic)
  • A banetton (for a 700g loaf) or a kitchen colander
  • A piece of muslin or tea towel to line the colander
  • Oven gloves

Timetable for ‘Hands in Sourdough on Zoom’

This event is a full day, in 3 parts.

Below are the times we will meet on Zoom to create a sourdough loaf and interact in real time.

We start at 6am and finish at 5pm.  The time when your first successful loaf of sourdough bread comes out of the oven.

Part 1 on Zoom  :  6am to 7am

Part 2 on Zoom :  1pm to 3pm

Part 3 on Zoom :   4pm to 5pm

This event has been designed for you to succeed.

Have questions?  Not sure?

I’m here to help.  Email learnsourdough@gmail.com or phone me, Sharon Roberts on 07942 686782

Join me!

My very best wishes



Q1:    Can I use different timings to fit in with my lifestyle?

A:  Yes.  I will share with you ways in which you can make the process fit in with your timescale.   Although making a loaf of sourdough bread in 1 day is a very useful skill, there are other time scales.

Q2:  What maximum temperature should my oven heat to?

A:  All domestic ovens heat up to 220°C.  Many ovens reach higher temperatures.   It’s always useful to check the temperature of your oven with an oven thermometer.


A:   Yes.   The SPECIAL OFFER BUNDLE Bundle’ comprises ‘Let’s Start! Mastering Sourdough Starters on Zoom’ and ‘Hands in Sourdough on Zoom’.  A saving of £15.   For more info, click  SPECIAL OFFER BUNDLE



Bookings are closed for this event.

ZOOM : Hands in Sourdough

Date(s) - 13/11/2020 | All Day

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