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‘Sourdough. Dispelling the myths and mystery in plain English’

I’ve discovered that it’s impossible to find information on sourdough, covering the science and methodology of making it, all in one place.
Which book? Which You Tube channel? Which celebrity chef? Where do I start? There are explanations, but lurching from one website to another is a pain. A lot of information about sourdough is inaccurate too!

The booklets in this series are not scientific papers. However, because there are many myths about sourdough, avoiding scientific facts and terms is impossible. 

Sourdough seems almost magic. My aim is to explain sourdough and dispel the myths. Then you’ll have a broader understanding that you can confidently apply at home for consistent, excellent results.

There are 3 series which are designed to work together. This is exactly how sourdough works.

Each section has a recipe, specially created by me. Flours are from artisan mills in the UK, with beautiful pictures to inspire you.

Make your sourdough journey complete with Sharon’s E-booklets

Sourdough without problems

Series 1, ‘Sourdough without problems’ is about solving sourdough problems. If your sourdough breads are like frisbees, you need a high performance starter and should make this your first read. Do you understand temperatures? Temperature is like your chauffeur. It will drive you to the right destination. Ignore it at your peril.


Discover and apply the science

Series 2, ‘Discover and apply the science’ dispels the sourdough myths in plain English. Bring your bowls in from the garden and discover the science.



Series 3, ‘Freedom!’ Freedom to choose how to store your starter whether you use it daily or infrequently. You’ll understand the science behind your decision – in plain English. There is an in-depth chapter on how to create your very own sourdough recipes and how to convert a fresh or dried yeast recipe to sourdough.


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