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‘Sourdough. Dispelling the myths and mystery in plain English’

I’ve discovered that it’s impossible to find accurate information on sourdough, covering the science and methodology of making it, all in one place.

This series of 3 ebooks contain everything you’ll ever need to know about sourdough.   I promise to take you straight to success.  Everything you’ll ever need to know, is all in 1 place.

The books in this series are not scientific papers. However, because there are many myths about sourdough, avoiding scientific facts and terms is impossible. 

Sourdough seems almost magic.   In this series, I explain sourdough and dispel the myths. You’ll have a broader understanding that you can confidently apply at home for consistent, excellent results.

The series of 3 ebooks are designed to work together. This is exactly how sourdough works.

I describe sourdough as, ‘Old technology that ensures my series of 3 ebooks, will still be relevant 100 years from today’.

Make your sourdough journey complete with Sharon’s e-books

Sourdough without problems

Series 1  

Start with Series 1.  151 pages packed full of engaging step by step videos and colour pictures to get you started on your sourdough journey.   Everything Sharon shares with you is based on science in plain English. 

 Written to engage and enlighten, it’s a must read if you’re a home baker who wants to get started.   If you’ve already started your sourdough journey and want to improve this Series will take you straight to success.    Sharon has written these ebooks for you to succeed.

She explains the science of sourdough in plain English, its history and facts that you’ll want to know.

Also included is, ‘The Ultimate Guide to How Many Refreshments’ which will ensure you maintain a powerful high performance starter.  ‘First Aid for Starters’, ‘Working with Small Quantities’ and ‘Understanding Ratios’ and much, much more.

As a bonus, Sharon has included her unique and incredibly useful, ‘Trackers’.

Start with Series 1.  It will enlighten you to become a ‘Master of Sourdough Starters’.   Buy it now!


Discover and apply the science

Series 2,  ‘

Continue your sourdough journey with Series 2.   91 pages of expertise.

Discover and apply the science’ dispels the sourdough myths in plain English. Bring your bowls in from the garden and discover the science.  

Sharon explains the secret world of sourdough in plain English.   This series will give you the power to become a better sourdough baker.

Uniquely, sourdough has a measure of acidity.   In fact, all living organisms and cells function at an appropriate acidity.   Find out how acidity affects your sourdough and get baking better bread.

In the evolution of fermented foods, lactic acid bacteria hold a special place.  They are special microbial agents and are the equivalent of superman in the world of micro organisms.     Get to know them better for an understanding of what’s happening in the microscopic world of your starter and dough.   

This series will give you the knowledge and confidence to continue your sourdough journey.  

Buy it now!




Series 3

Complete your sourdough journey with Series 3.  92 pages of exciting information you won’t find anywhere else.

This unique series is an absolute must read.

Packed with essential information, Sharon shares with you little known information about storage and maintainance of sourdough starters.  This is essential reading.  If you don’t know how, you’ll end up binning your starter.   Sharon explains the science – in plain English.

There is an in-depth chapter on how to create your very own sourdough recipes and how to convert a fresh or dried yeast recipe to sourdough.  

Sharon also shares some of her very own sourdough recipes to inspire you.  This series includes a simple recipe to get you started called, ‘My first sourdough loaf’. 

Sharon also shares with you how to spot dodgy sourdough recipes – and there are many of them, written by celebrity chefs!  

This series is  not to be missed!


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