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Sharon has been playing with, creating, and cooking food for as long as she can remember. Her earliest memory is being given a piece of raw pastry and then rolling it out, filling it with strawberry jam and rolling it up. Then, handing it to her mum to put in the oven.

Sharon Roberts - Sourdough Expert
Sharon is a member of the Real Bread Campaign

Sharon was always encouraged to participate in kitchen life. Whether it was podding fresh garden peas, or helping to mix a cake or just watching what was going on. Those early years paved the way to an appreciation and love of food. At 22, she took a Professional Cooks Course and went on to work in Directors Dining in the City and West End of London. She was much in demand as a private chef for events and dinner parties.

In 2000 she was offered a job as a private charter chef in the British Virgin Islands, in the Caribbean. The job offer was a result of a recommendation and it was a recommendation of a lifetime! Sharon enjoyed the work and the lifestyle so much that after a year, she decided to go freelance.  

She worked in some of the most beautiful places on earth and on some of the most glamorous motor yachts and sailing vessels in the world which were chartered by glamorous film stars, celebrities and captains of industry.

Her skills took her to every island in the West Indies, Honduras in Central America, the Mediterranean and the US.     

When Sharon eventually returned to the UK she missed many things including the wonderful breads and patisseries from her home, on the island of St Martin in the French West Indies.
Sharon “There were a lot of things I couldn’t change when I came back. I couldn’t change the weather and I also couldn’t change the fact that I didn’t have a local baker. Supermarket bread was so appalling that I stopped buying and eating it! The only option was to bake my own.

Sharon understood that sourdough was shrouded in magic and mystery. After all, it’s the science of microbiology. She said “I simply didn’t believe that yeasts were caught from the air to make bread. I had lots of other questions too. There was so much conflicting advice and half baked truths. So I went on another journey to discover the answers”.

As a result of her research, Sharon wrote ‘Sourdough. Dispelling the Myths and Mystery in Plain English’. Her popular sourdough events on Zoom complement the series of 3 ebooks. Sharon’s expertise is available worldwide. Classes and events are available on Zoom.



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