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Sourdough Extravaganza, Dorset

2 highly acclaimed events, back-to-back.   ‘Unlocking the Secrets of Sourdough’ and ‘Sourdough Pizza Extravaganza’.  The pizza event includes a wine tasting with homebrew expert Sally Grant.  The sourdough event includes a sourdough bread comparison with supermarket ‘sourfaux’.    This is a monthly event that sells out quickly.


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Sharon with her Workshop customers

Thank you for booking ‘Sourdough Extravaganza’ – 2 highly acclaimed events, back-to-back.

Unlocking the Secrets of Sourdough’   This revealing talk is guaranteed to enlighten.   This event includes a bread tasting.  You’ll have the opportunity to taste, homemade sourdough bread and compare it with the travesty that is supermarket ‘sourfaux’.  Discover how giant supermarkets get away with not declaring all the ingredients in a loaf of ‘sourfaux’, and discover what these ingredients are.  Be prepared to be surprised and appalled.   Sharon will also share her personal recommendations on where to buy delicious, authentic sourdough and much more!

You’ll stay for the second event:-

‘Sourdough Pizza Extravaganza’    You’ll watch Sharon create an authentic and absolutely delicious sourdough pizza, step by step.  Discover fabulous Italian flour used by pizza maestros.   There is only one supplier of this superb flour in the UK.  You’ll find out who it is and get a discount voucher to buy your own.   You can also try your hand at ‘mindful kneading’.

Sharon will be baking these superb 10″ pizzas in her amazing portable oven.   There’s plenty to go round, so come with an appetite.

Outstanding local products, top these sensational pizzas.   Local products include https://www.thetomatostall.co.uk/our-tomatoes

Unless you’ve been to Rome, you’ve never tasted a pizza like this!

This event includes a wine tasting lead by homebrew expert, Sally Grant.

This is a fun, popular and informative event.



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