Learn Sourdough

Sharon with her Workshop customers
Sourdough Ingredients

‘Unlocking the Secrets of Sourdough’ 

This is a 1 hour talk with tasting. You will taste a stunning, homemade sourdough bread and compare it with supermarket sourdough. You’ll discover what real sourdough bread is, how supermarkets are getting away with charging a premium for questionable sourdough and why making your own bread is an easy, healthy and delicious option.

There’s a short break for refreshments and you’ll stay for the 2nd event:-

‘Sourdough Pizza Extravaganza’

A demonstration and tasting. Watch Sharon make sensational, authentic sourdough pizzas, step by step.   You’ll have the opportunity to join in (if you fancy) with mindful kneading.    There’s a wine tasting too with homebrew expert, Sally Grant

You take home

  • * You can replay for up to 48 hours after this live event on any device