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If sourdough is a mystery and you want to understand more, or, if you want to step up your sourdough knowledge, meet me on Facebook Live and find out how.

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Let's Start: £25.00

Mastering Sourdough Starters
Sourdough Starter

Discover the amazing world of sourdough starters

During this in-depth three and a half hour event, Sharon reveals the science and amazing evolution of a sourdough starter from start to infinity.  She leaves no stone unturned.  You will create your own starter during the event and leave confident and inspired to continue your sourdough journey. 

  • Suitable for all abilities

QUICK sTART! £25.00

A short version of Let's Start!

Crack the code for successful starters in one and a half hours!

This special event is a short version of ‘Let’s Start’.  It has been distilled down to 1.5 hours from 3.5 hours!  

  • Suitable for all abilities

Sourdough extravaganza: £25.00

Sharon with her Workshop customers

2 extraordinary back to back events

Sharon’s powerful talk, ‘Unlocking the Secrets of Sourdough’ is back to back with  a fun and interactive sourdough pizza demo.   Learn how to make fabulous, authentic, Italian sourdough pizza.   Try your hand at mindful kneading.  This event is highly acclaimed by the press.  It sells out quickly and now comes with an ‘Early Bird Special’

Unlocking the Secrets OF SOURDOUGH

Sharon's provocative & dynamic talk

FREE! AT VEGAN uk festivals

  • Sharon is presenting in Portsmouth, Brighton, Bath, Poole throughout 2019

An inspiring and revealing talk packed with information.    Sharon’s talk will shock you with the truth about supermarket sourdough and inspire you to think differently about the “staff of life”.  You will taste and compare supermarket ‘sourfaux’ with Sharon’s delicious, homemade sourdough.   This is a special 45 minute event for Vegan Events UK.  

The Brewers Pizza £25.00


Sharon demonstrates how to make this delicious cold proved and aged pizza.   She uses a special strain of dried yeast used only in the beer making process and fabulous Italian flour used by pizza maestros.  You can try your hand at mindful kneading and taste a maestros pizza.  Please note, this is not a sourdough pizza, but its just as delicious!

Who are these events suitable for?

You!  If you dabble, enjoy eating good food, are curious, want to improve your sourdough skills, know nothing about sourdough,  want to spend a fun and information packed few hours, join us!

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